With an upgraded engine, the MB flew, and it proved to be slightly faster and better armed than the MS However, it was not developed further and thus its full potential was never realized. Typically, it carried only three MGs, one of which fired to the rear as a strafing weapon. MAW has life in it. BoF repaint expected shortly thereafter.

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It’s physical similarity to the Bf also crs3 problematic and white stripes were painted along the rear fuselage to help distinguish the two aircraft. Bonsoir, Je suis un nouveau membre, et je suis honoré de faire partie de votre communauté. It will be made available to the public in three chapters with the release of Chapter One. Maq are camel trains with their Bedouin overseers meandering across desert dunes. With an upgraded engine, the MB flew, and it proved to be slightly faster and better armed than the MS There are a few aircraft types we have not been able to produce at all yet or only appear in AI form. Eventually, I will modify the current Po model.

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Blessed with reasonable performance and firepower, it fared poorly against single-engine fighter, lacking sufficient agility. It’s the recognized standard by the CFS3 community and supports several other features as well. MAW comes with many items never before seen in flight simulators in terms of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and combat facilities.


maw cfs3

With an cfz3 engine, the MB mwa, and it proved to be slightly faster and better armed than the MS Ok merci pour tout. Par contre les MS j’ai pas encore dly en a tellement de sorte que je ne sais pas cts3 choisir pour le momentmais j’ai pris le LeO et Potezpuis le zip son « Hispano-Suiza » pour le et également le son Gnome-Rhone pour le LeO et Potez mais ceux-ci pas encore installésje viens de tester le avec le son du moulin très bien rendu si on le compare à celui dans WWIIOL.


Board index All times are UTC. The aircraft list so far contains more than aircraft types and variants, most of them brand new and the majority being player flyable.

Historically under-rated, the MS suffered heavy losses cfa3 action, in other causes but did very well against Bfs. They have developed a completely new version of their Flight Dynamics modelling software especially for the MAW project aircraft.

Eventually, Cfss3 will modify the current Po model.

Cfd3 in parallel with the JuB, this plucky biplane served the Luftwaffe in dive-bombing roles up until – notably against the Soviet Union. En tout cas pas à ma connaissancesur les RTS ou autres Wargames oui mais les simu je ne crois pasalors c’est fait sur Combat Flight Simulator 3 et çà s’appel MAW pour abrégerbeaucoup de nouveautésappareils.

MAW (Mediterranean Air War)

When you get MAW on your hard mad you can modify it and add to it as you please. L’emmerdant, c’est tout dfs3 qui se passe avant. Splashes in the water, bow waves and wake waves for boats and ships have been greatly improved on – they get larger or smaller depending on the ship’s speed. File size is All the damage modelling has been improved upon as well. Je sais que le Br est sorti pour CFS3 dans un additif.


Lorsqu’une belle jeune fille m’apporte une coupe de vinje ne pense guère à mon salut. Unfortunately, the Hispano-Suiza engines proved to be wholly unreliable and Pos were soon replaced by Pos, which featured Gnome-Rhone engines.

In progress but no release date yet. Tout d’abord, bienvenur à toi garciarichard a écrit: This variant of the Po series cfe3 aircraft was designed specifically for army cooperation and reconaissance. Modifications of stock weapons based cffs3 parameters obtained from the AvHistory jaw.

Une petite new venant du forum CFS3 de Check-six! En effet, sur ces modèles, lorsqu’on augmente la pression à l’admission, donc la puissance, le régime devrait rapidement monter, pour être ensuite stabilisé par le régulateur de régime qui modifie le calage des pales pour obtenir le freinage nécessaire à opposer au couple moteur.

A few more are new projects released by other designers.

maw cfs3

For download information, please visit my MS Page Status: The coastlines are geographically more accurate than any other flight simulator. These files are based on a variety of fuzzy pictures that I found.

maw cfs3

Si j’avais cette mmaw, je vaudrais moins qu’un chien. Le Quartier Général Benzo. Hs were reckoned to cost twice as much as MBs, but they proved to be much better than the MSs they replaced.

Another American aircraft, these were intended as reconaissance aircraft to supplement slow production of the MB a chronic problem for the French aircraft industry.